Ryan & Eric Niccolls

Ryan & Eric Niccolls

Brothers Ryan and Eric Niccolls made their shared love for cooking Instagram official in 2019 with the creation of their Dads Who Grill page. The brothers, who live in Charlotte, NC and Syracuse, NY grew up in the restaurant business and have always enjoyed grilling out for friends and family. Along with Greensbury, Ryan and Eric are official members of Big Green Egg's Pro Team, the FOGO Charcoal team, and PS seasoning's ambassador team.

How long have you been cooking?

It's hard to say, but we both really started enjoying cooking sometime after college.

What made you get interested in cooking?

Cooking has always been popular in our family. However, our father spent his entire career in the restaurant business in NY and the Virginia so we both kind of always grew up around it.

What is your best food memory?

Ryan - Just being able to spend so much time in my parents restaurant as a kid. A lot of the staff and regulars saw me grow up. I'll always have good memories thinking about that.

Eric - My best food memory was grilling in the backyard when I was a kid with my Grandfather. He would always burn everything but never let that stop him. He would smile and just say "its not that burnt" as he would proceed to scrape off the burnt spots of the chicken, sausage or hamburger or what we he was grilling at that time. He would always serve the less burnt side facing up. So funny at the time and everyone would get a good laugh from it.

What is your favorite Greensbury product to cook?

So far we've tried the filet tenderloin, the dry aged ribeyes, and the shrimp - everything is great, but those are hard to beat!

What is your go-to recipe?

Dads Who Grill Surf and turf - we like to pair Greensbury teriyaki marinated skirt steaks with Shrimp Gambas made using shrimp from Greensbury.
For the steak, we typically just marinate it and then cook it hot and fast.

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