Gabi Williams

Gabi Williams

Gabi is a recipe creator who loves food and wine. She is also a registered nurse and works for a health care consulting company. Gabi lives in the DC area with her husband, daughter, and dogs. 

How long have you been cooking?

I’ve been cooking for about 10 years, which was right around the time that my now husband and I started dating! (Perhaps it was my way of impressing him- however there were a lot of dud meals back in that day 😆)

What made you get interested in cooking?

I grew up with my dad always cooking at home, so it was pretty natural for me! I learned (and still learn) a ton from him! I was born in Hungary, so Hungarian cooking will always be in my roots!

What is your best food memory?

One of my favorite food memories has to be in 2015 when Paul and I went to Napa for the first time and had an incredible food and wine pairing experience at Beringer Winery

What is your favorite Greensbury product to cook?

Favorite Greensbury product is a tie between the Applewood Smoked Bacon, and the Ground Bison! YUM!

What is your go-to recipe?

My go-to recipe is either a Pasta Bolognese, or Smoked sausage with potatoes and veggies (recipe for this on my blog!) I am a carbaholic and will always choose pasta or a starch! 😁

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