Travis Griffith

Travis Griffith

Travis is a wannabe BBQ wizard, husband and father from Celina, Texas.

How long have you been cooking?

I have been cooking for about 18 years

What made you get interested in cooking?

My love for cooking came from my dad, both grandmothers who are all amazing at cooking.

What is your best food memory?

My best food memory is lived out most Sunday nights when our whole family still gets together for dinner at my parents house!

What is your favorite Greensbury product to cook?

I love the Greensbury chicken wings and scallops.

What is your go-to recipe?

It’s tonight to beat the smoked/fried chicken wings
1. Pat the wings dry
2. Dust the wings with corn starch and your favorite seasoning/rub
3. Smoke at 275° for about 25min
4. Bring pot of peanut oil to 350° and fry the wings to finish them off
5. Serve as is or tossed in your favorite sauce

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