5 Steps to the Perfect Cookout

5 Steps to the Perfect Cookout

It’s finally your turn to host the 4th of July cookout! It’s a lot for a Wednesday, but don’t stress. We’re here to help make sure your cookout goes off without a hitch!

Since you’re already a Greensbury fan you understand quality is king. Nothing will help your BBQ more than using our 100% grass-fed and grass finished hot dogs, burger patties, and ground beef (all of which are on sale this summer). Their taste and quality are simply unrivaled.

I’m here to help make sure the rest of your BBQ is flawless. If you follow our 5 simple steps there’s no way your cookout can fall flat!

1) Plan Ahead to Have More Fun

  • Put in the work early to enjoy your BBQ as possible. Greensbury can ship you all your meats whenever you want. Once you get them, marinade and prep ahead of time. This way you have less to do on the big day.

2) Think About Your Grill

  • A clean grill produces the best food. Make sure the grill and the grill grates are all cleaned up. I like using an onion to clean my grates. Clean grates distribute heat better and make sure the meat’s natural flavors really shine. Also, don’t forget to make sure you have enough gas or charcoal to make it through the whole day!

3) Cook with a Meat Thermometer

  • Nothing ruins a cookout like serving over or undercooked food. The simple solution is to use a meat thermometer. You can pick up a quality model for cheap. Look at it this way, what’s an extra $9 to make sure all the money you spent on food isn’t wasted?

4) Have Customizable Options

  • Like Burger King everyone wants it their way. Do something fun like having a Chicken Wing Bar. Everyone will love our 100% free-range chicken wings with the sauce of their choice! But at a minimum have tons of burger toppings to choose from. This’ll make everyone happy and your life that much easier.

5) Think About Your Friends' Needs

  • Think ahead and anticipate what people may need. Even if it’s BYOB provide some drinks so you don’t run out. If it’s going to be hot, have some sunscreen and popsicles at the ready. Bug spray never hurts either. Be the ultimate host by thinking ahead.