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Greensbury's Guide to Buying Well: 5 Things to Know

At Greensbury, we sell meat and seafood that is healthy, trustworthy, and sustainable. We are honest with you about why we choose the farmers we work with and we always welcome questions and feedback.

We know that you have options when you choose your meat and seafood. Our beliefs encourage us to support informed consumers. As we talk to our family and friends, we realize that for many, there is a lack of knowledge about what they’re purchasing at their local supermarket.

5 Things To Know:

  1. "Sell By" dates in supermarkets are not regulated. Your supermarket supplier chooses how long the meat is considered fit for sale...And they can adjust this date at their choosing. It’s rare that you can really know when the meat arrived at the store. (Source)
  2. That uniform bright red appearance of the meat at the meat counter is usually due to a process known as "modified atmosphere packaging": treating the meat with carbon dioxide to keep it artificially appearing "fresh". (Source)
  3. Even if supermarket meat is labeled “Product of the USA”, that doesn’t mean it’s really from the US. Meat packers can label beef as “Product of the USA” if the meat goes through minor “processing”.  For example, simply repackaging beef that is imported from outside the US is often enough to earn a “Product of the USA” label. (Source)
  4. Seafood may be mislabelled up to 27% of the time in the United States. For example, cheaper fish are commonly labeled as more expensive ones. This makes it even more difficult to choose sustainable fish options if you can’t even be sure what you’re getting. (Source)
  5. The “Fresh” seafood you see at the grocery store is often shipped to the store frozen and then allowed to thaw at the store so that it appears “fresh” when put on display. (Source)

4 Things To Know About Greensbury Meat & Seafood:

  1. Our products are flash frozen at the peak point of freshness and delivered to you frozen. This maintains the nutritional value and freshness of the meat/seafood. You can safely store our products in your freezer, without worrying about an arbitrary sell-by date, or if it was sitting out on a shelf before it got to your kitchen.
  2. Because we flash freeze our meat, we don’t need to do anything like “modified atmosphere packaging”...Our meat IS at peak quality whenever you choose to cook it.
  3. All of our meat is 100% American born, raised and harvested.
  4. We choose our fisheries very carefully, so you can always trust you’re getting exactly the species of fish you ordered.

We’re not your typical grocery store find. If you want to know more about where we source our meat and seafood responsibly, read about our farms here.

Thank you for choosing Greensbury.

Dine Well and Live Well.

-Your friends at Greensbury