grilled organic free-range chicken

Eating Organic Protein

We Are What We Eat

We at Greensbury want our customers to be healthy, happy, and informed.

Chicken, fish, and steak are examples of complete proteins, meaning they provide your body with all of the essential amino acids required for digestion, metabolic function, and maintaining a healthy immune system. 

With the current state of the food industry, its important to know where your animal protein comes from, the environment its raised in, and what its been exposed to...

At Greensbury we believe in supporting farms which practice organic, eco-friendly, humane farming methods. 

Greensbury pays great attention to the environmental conditions of farms because we know that the environment animals are raised in influences the health benefits and even the taste of the meat. Stressful living environments as well as antibiotics and pesticides administered to cattle and chicken are detrimental to the health of the livestock and to us as consumers. By making sure that the animal protein you order from us comes from family owned, humane and organic farms, we've ensured that you are getting the tastiest, most health-beneficial animal protein out there.