Greensbury & Luke’s Lobster: Wild Maine Lobster Tails

Greensbury & Luke’s Lobster: Wild Maine Lobster Tails

I’m excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Luke’s Lobster to bring you Wild Maine Lobster Tails direct from the source. You might not yet know the Luke’s Lobster name, but for the last ten years they’ve set the standard for the best seafood items at fair prices in their 30 restaurants (Or, “Shacks”, as the Luke’s family likes to call them).

Perhaps best known for their lobster rolls, what is at the core of everything they sell is a commitment to traceable, sustainable seafood sourced directly from lobstermen.

In fact, it is this commitment to quality and traceability that led Luke’s to open their own seafood company in 2012, Luke’s Lobster Seafood Company. They wanted full control and transparency for the entire lobstering process, from sea to table. By paying an above market rate for their catch, Luke’s can source the best quality lobster available directly from fishermen they know and trust.

Today, the Luke’s Lobster Seafood Company is the only seafood company in North America that is both certified sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council and certified at a Level 3 for food safety by the Safe Quality Food Institute.

Most of the seafood Luke’s sources goes to their shacks and other highly-rated seafood restaurants. The Greensbury team and I are thrilled to partner with Luke’s Lobster to bring you these incredible Wild Maine Lobster Tails  in your home. I’ve been sampling them with my family in the Greensbury test kitchen, making classics like lobster rolls and just simply steamed and dipped in butter (Banner Butter, of course!). No matter how you prepare the tails, I’m sure you’ll love them as much as we do.

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Give these Wild Maine Lobster Tails a try, and stay tuned for more great seafood items to come from Greensbury and Luke’s Lobster Seafood Co.!

Dine Well, Live Well and Eat Lobster!

-Ted Hopper, CEO of Greensbury