Greensbury Market Bison

Bison’s 5 Biggest Health Benefits

Getting older means your diet, and overall health, become higher priorities. That’s why I’m adding more bison to my regular diet.

Once you try the distinctively sweet, rich, and grass-finished flavor of bison you’ll wonder how you lived without it. (Stay tuned for Cook low and slow for the best results.)

Bison provides all the health benefits of chicken or salmon without giving up that unrivaled organic grass-fed, grass-finished red meat flavor. See Greensbury's Nutritional Comparison Chart for more details. 

The 5 Biggest Health Benefits from Eating Bison

1) Better Heart Health

  • In April 2013, a Nutrition Research Study showed eating bison instead of beef lowers artery-blocking triglyceride levels. Bison even has lower cholesterol levels than chicken leaving your heart pumping easier!

2) Gain essential vitamins and minerals

  • With just 1 bison patty you’ll get at least 30% of your daily values for mood enhancing Vitamin B12 (34%), the powerful antioxidant Selenium (30%), and immune system boosting zinc (32%).*

3) More Conjugated Linoleic Acid To Fight Fat

  • CLAs are fat-blocking and cancer-fighting fatty acids, and bison is the protein with the highest known levels. CLAs help increase your metabolic rate while boosting your immune system and keeping your cholesterol in check.

4) Increased levels of Omega-3 Fatty Acids

  • Omega-3s help fight depression and anxiety, improve eye health, and reduce the risk of heart disease. While salmon is a well-known source of Omega-3s, bison actually packs the same amount.**

5) Load Up with Proteins, not Calories

  • Bison has just 12% of the fat found in beef while packing the same amount protein. The leanness of this protein gives it just 54% of the calories you’d get from the same 100g of beef without losing that red meat taste.

Give our organic, free-range, and heart-healthy bison a try. You’ll never look at “conventional” red meat the same again!

* - Based on a 2,000 calorie diet
** - Source: Fooducate