Chef Scott Leibfried

From the Kitchen of the CEO: Introducing Chef Scott Leibfried

We're pleased to announce our first home cooking video with Chef Scott, Everyday Utensils, on the utensils all home cooks must have in their kitchen.

Every day I take the time to read through our customer reviews and feedback. While it is always fun to hear the good--and 9 out of 10 are overwhelmingly positive--I tend to focus more on the negative feedback because that’s where we can learn the most about how to better serve our customers.

Sifting through the reviews that are more negative than positive, I realized that simply selling great organic meats and sustainable seafood is not enough--we also need to provide more information on how to cook and transform those proteins into delicious meals.  As a result, a couple months ago we began seeking out talented professional and amateur chefs to develop great recipes around the things that we sell.  We started with some of our most popular proteins and a goal to provide you with recipes that can either be followed to the letter or be used as inspiration for your own creations.  Over the last couple months, I hope you’ve noticed some of these on our recipes page and hopefully even tried a few.

Now I’m excited to share that Chef Scott Leibfried is part of the Greensbury team.  As our Culinary Director, Chef Scott is playing an active role as we continue to search for new products and develop unique ways to prepare and cook everything we sell.  Chef Scott certainly has an amazing culinary background and has worked with some of the best chefs in the best restaurants in the world, but he is also a husband and father who cooks for his family at home.

I note this because Scott and I have talked at length about what it means to cook for your family after a busy day at work and how simple tips and tricks he’s learned in his professional career can help us at-home chefs be more efficient in our kitchens and cook better-tasting food.

We’ve been hard at work behind the scenes the last few weeks and I’m excited to share with you the first in a series of short videos of tips, techniques and cooking methods that can help you cook better at home.  The idea is to help you cook more confidently and independently without needing to strictly follow a recipe for everything.  This first video highlights a few inexpensive tools that everyone should have in their kitchen.  Later videos will feature ingredients, flavor enhancers, cooking techniques and more so stay tuned.

We’re honored to have Chef Scott as part of the Greensbury family and please keep the feedback coming!