Cooking Hacks to Quickly Whip Up Healthy Meals

Cooking Hacks to Quickly Whip Up Healthy Meals

Here at Greensbury, we believe that healthy and clean eating should be a right for everyone. That’s why it’s alarming to know that only 1 in 10 adults get enough fruit and vegetables in their diet, according to a recent report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The majority survives on fast food and processed meals instead, which can mostly be chalked up to accessibility and convenience, and affordability. However, the idea that healthy eating is hard is nothing but an old misconception. In reality, it’s completely possible to eat healthy — no matter your schedule. 

Fortunately, more people are seeing the importance of clean eating and its role in holistic wellness. A post by Maryville University points out that the U.S. medical system is paving the way for new approaches to healthcare. Now more than ever, personal trainers, nutritionists, and wellness coaches have become very popular. And while enlisting the help of professionals is certainly useful, anybody can jumpstart their health journey with some preparation and research. The best place to start is your own kitchen.

Below, we’ve outlined some cooking hacks to get you whipping up healthy meals in no time.  

Always Stock Your Pantry
At the end of a long day, it’s tempting to throw in the towel and reach for the nearest microwaveable dinner. But one way to counter that is by having nourishing food at your fingertips at all times. This way, “[it’s] easier to pull together a nutritious and speedy meal versus grabbing takeout or settling for processed munchies,” shares dietitian Shahzadi Devje in an interview with Forbes. Some things you should always have stocked are leafy greens, fish, chicken, oats, eggs, beans, and quinoa. 

Keep Your Recipes Simple
Sometimes, it’s fun to lose yourself in a 5-hour slow broth, but you don’t always have the luxury of time. You’ll be surprised what simple recipes you can whip up with only a few items. And with your pantry readily stocked with healthy ingredients, you can be sure that whatever you throw in is nutritious. When in doubt, Dr. Alessandro Demaio recommends a good mix of fiber and protein to get an energy boost and to keep you full.

Sprinkle Some Yeast
Yeast doesn’t sound like the most appetizing ingredient, but researchers from the University of Copenhagen hail its many benefits, such as offering a generous punch of protein and some vitamin B12. This food seasoning is sometimes used as an alternative to cheese, thanks to its similar texture and umami-like flavor. Simply sprinkle some on your meals and treat yourself to a hefty dose of nutrients. 

Marinate Your Proteins
The reason why restaurant food is so tasty is because they’re often loaded with salt and artificial spices. Instead, one thing you can do at home is to marinate your meat before you cook. Because you aren’t relying on sauces or batter bought from the grocery store, you’ll be able to significantly cut down on calories. An article on the Journal of Food Science even suggests that using a spice-rich marinade can help reduce harmful carcinogens created when you cook your meat.

Explore Alternatives
Good news for those who don’t want to let go of their favorite foods: there are plenty of alternatives for pretty much every ingredient you like without sacrificing flavor. Some examples include substituting black beans for flour, cauliflower for rice, stevia for sugar, and frozen bananas for ice cream. For meat-lovers, you can even replace your normal burgers with Greensbury's organic grass-fed beef. These are just some of the many possibilities. That way, you can carry on as usual while reaping all the health benefits available. 

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