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Bunny's Buddies: How to Make Your Own Dog Food

At Greensbury, we know that customers seek us out for our responsibly sourced, great tasting, healthy proteins. And we also know that many of you are seeking the same high quality options for your pets.  That's why we're pleased to be partnered with Bunny's Buddies to help you transform our best in class proteins, into equally nutritious meals for your Buddies.

If you're not familiar, Bunny's Buddies is a non-profit dedicated to rescuing abused dogs from kill shelters in Asia.  They've found permanent loving homes in the United States for over 350 dogs and provide additional resources for the adoptive families.

Naturally, Amanda, the founder of Bunny's Buddies, is focused on the health and well being of her own dogs and over the years she's developed a recipe for making her own, healthy, great tasting dog food.  The basics are below, but if you want to learn more, head over to the Bunny's Buddies Blog.


Bunny's Buddies Homemade Dog Food Recipe


  • 6 pounds 100% grass-fed organic ground beef;
  • 1 small organic yellow squash;
  • 1 small organic zucchini;
  • 1 crown of organic broccoli;
  • 1 crown of organic cauliflower;
  • 16oz. 100% grass-fed beef broth;
  • You can substitute in other fresh vegetables and roots but the goal is to maintain a ratio of 50% meat, 25% vegetables and 25% roots;


Some dogs have trouble digesting raw foods so for most dogs, Amanda recommends cooking.  She likes to layer all the ingredients in a slow cooker (meat on the bottom, then vegetables) and cook on low heat for 4-6 hours.  You may also want to add in supplements and Amanda has a full list of what she does on her blog.

If you're ready to try making your own dog food at home, start by picking up our Bunny's Buddies Bundle.