Forget Everything You Know About Nutrition.  Advice From The Health Hunter

Forget Everything You Know About Nutrition. Advice From The Health Hunter

We've been following Gabi the "Health Hunter" for a while and love what she's doing to educate and inform people about the positive impacts of raising livestock responsibly plus the health benefits of animal proteins.  Read on to learn more about Gabi's story...


I wish someone had told me this. Instead I spent more than a decade learning what not to do. Now being happy, fit and healthy doing exactly the opposite of what conventional wisdom tells us, I am finding the exact same theme repeated when it comes to animal agriculture.

  • "Cows contribute 51% to greenhouse gas emissions"
  • "Most arable land is used for feed crops"
  • "We have to reduce our meat consumption"
  • "Grazing cattle causes deforestation"

Everyday there seems to be a new article on how a plant-based diet is not only optimal for your health but therein will lie our salvation in dealing with a growing population and a changing climate. When in fact the opposite is true.

There is so much good information out there around the health benefits of eating meat and the important role ruminant animals play in soil health but it gets lost amongst corporate influence. My mission is to change that.

Giving people better information in a user friendly format, so that they can make informed choices and supporting projects that have wider influence is what I aim to do at goFUNDyourself. Here I support people working on projects that promote animal agriculture and the use and consumption of animal products. A small monthly subscription helps me spread better information and supports far reaching projects.

Aligning with producers that have the same values at heart creates an opportunity to further promote and support the production and consumption of sustainably and humanely raised meat products. I am very excited to have Greensbury Market supporting me and am hopeful for the future.


-Health Hunter

Look for Gabi (a.k.a. "Health Hunter") on Instagram @Health_Hunter