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Get Fit: Jillian Michaels' Favorite Proteins

October 25, 2016

By: Catalina Gonella

It’s no secret that Jillian Michaels knows what’s up when it comes to diet and weight loss, so when we found out she invested in a new organic protein delivery service, we couldn’t wait to find out more.

You know that you should be eating grass-fed meat, free-range poultry, and wild seafood, but these specialty items are not always easy to find at local markets—and renowned fitness guru Jillian Michaels totally gets it. That’s why she recently invested in Greensbury Market, a company that delivers healthy meat and fish from organic farms and sustainable fisheries straight to the plates of mindful eaters. All of the animals are free-range, fed organic diets, and are never given hormones or antibiotics. Even the soil where the animals live is free of toxic chemicals. Pretty impressive stuff!

Interested in getting your hands on some? The site allows customers to choose from individual products or pre-selected packs. And luckily for hard-core Jillian fans, the 42-year-old weight loss master has curated five specialty varieties; each meant to cater to people with different dietary needs. There’s The No Red Meat Pack, The Gourmet Pack, The Primal Pack, The Pescetarian Pack, and The Just for Mom Pack. Each comes stocked with three to five great animal protein sources and sells for $130 to $190. High-quality food that’s been handpicked by a fitness pro and gets delivered to your door? We’re definitely interested! Read on to discover her go-to proteins, all of which make an appearance in her various packages.......

  1. Wild-Caught Alaskan Halibut
  2. Grass-Fed Filet Mingon
  3. Boneless Pork Chops
  4. Antionbotic-Free Ground Bison Patties 
  5. Sustainably Raised Salmon
  6. Turkey Breast
  7. Wild-Caught Icelandic Cod
  8. Grass-Fed Beef Bones
  9. Lamb Rib Chops
  10. Wild-Caught Key West Shrimp
  11. Wild Caught Atlantic Sea Scallops
  12. Skinless Chicken Breasts
  13. Grass-Fed Beef Patties


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