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Greensbury + Cleanhub + You = Cleaner Oceans

Since Greensbury’s very beginning, we’ve always focused on offering foods that are produced in ways that don’t damage our Earth’s ecosystems.  That includes proteins from livestock that are raised on USDA Certified Organic farms and seafood that is sustainably caught using methods approved by the Marine Stewardship Council and Monterey Bay Seafood Watch.

Today I’m excited to announce that Greensbury is partnering with Cleanhub to support their global network of partners who collect and repurpose plastic before it enters the ocean.

Globally, 91% of plastic waste does not get recycled and 80% of all plastic waste that ends up in the oceans is classified as non-recyclable. Plastic bags, wrappers, and food containers end up in the environment because they are too expensive to be treated.

This is where Cleanhub steps in. By giving these non-recyclable plastic items a value, they get collected and repurposed.

Companies like Greensbury support the Cleanhub movement by committing a portion of seafood product sales to help fund Cleanhub’s locally owned collection partners.

This gives plastic waste value and empowers local communities to set up collection businesses. From door-to-door collection by women self-help groups to surf camps who clean up their beaches - these collection partners contribute to the shared goal of clean oceans and no plastic pollution. With the help of a digital platform, collectors access a network of treatment and recycling companies. This way, instead of wasting away in landfills or polluting the ocean, plastic waste gets recycled or used as an energy source while local communities are empowered.

Greensbury and Cleanhub are dedicated to a future with clean oceans. As you browse our Seafood Collection you’ll see all of our seafood products are labeled as Qualified for Cleanhub.  Every time you purchase one of those items, a portion of the sales price will go to fund Cleanhub’s efforts.

Like we always say, Greensbury is good for you, good for the planet and really good on your plate!

Happy Eating,


CEO, Greensbury

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Click here to learn more about Cleanhub's innovative approach to removing plastics from our oceans.