greensbury organic grass-fed steak

Why we're better than Whole Foods

Do you really know where your Whole Foods meat and seafood is coming from? We're talking about how it has been stored and the true quality of the product you're buying.

Unfortunately, most people don't know the answers to these questions. That's why we want to address the question we hear over and over: how does Greensbury compare to Whole Foods?


Order from your local Whole Foods' meat and seafood counter and they'll wrap your ground beef or salmon in paper, remarking that it’s good for 2-3 days and then can be frozen in that very paper. The problem? When packing meats for the freezer the most important thing is to protect the protein from exposure to air. If you’re doing it yourself, meats should be wrapped very tightly using plastic wrap or freezer paper, aluminum foil, and an outer plastic bag. Packed this way, your food will last for up to 3 months and is still subject to freezer burn. All Greensbury meat and seafood products are protected from freezer burn and retain its flavor and nutrients for up to 12 months in your freezer. The difference? Our products are individually vacuum-sealed and will never be exposed to air. The takeaway: your Whole Foods meat loses its flavor after 3 days. Buy meat that’s been properly packed for storage because it tastes better, retains all of its nutrients, and eliminates food waste, lasting up to 9 months longer in your freezer, saving you money and protecting the environment.

Fresh versus frozen:

Whole Foods advertises fresh, making a small note that it’s been previously frozen. All wild-caught fish, by law, has to be frozen to kill parasites. Thawing and refreezing effects quality. If you’re not catching the fish yourself, there’s no such thing as fresh, wild-caught fish. That’s why our wild caught seafood is flash frozen and vacuum sealed instantly to retain its flavor & nutrients. Flash frozen ensures that products are nutritionally intact when you’re ready to cook!

Misleading information & inconsistent sourcing:

When you purchase with Greensbury you know that all of our beef is born and raised in the U.S., 100% grass-fed and grass-finished, and organic. Our poultry, lamb, pork, and game are all raised in the most humane way possible, and our farms follow strict guidelines regarding animal welfare. All of our meat is free of added hormones, antibiotics, and steroids. The difference? It’s not uncommon to visit Whole Foods and see a variety of information that’s inconsistent and vague. Skirt steak where the animal welfare ranking is level 1, beef that’s grass-fed and not grass finished, and salmon farmed from the far waters of Norway. We make it easy. All the information is on our website, so you can order every month knowing your ground beef, meat, and fish is the best out there, will last you for months, and supports local family farms. Because we’re not your average market, we’re better. See our Nutrition Comparison Chart for more information.