Greensbury Partners with Jillian Michaels, Health & Wellness Expert

Greensbury Partners with Jillian Michaels, Health & Wellness Expert

Committed to supporting consumers live a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle, Greensbury has partnered with Jillian Michaels, the nation’s leading health and wellness expert.

“I am motivated to work with Greensbury Market to eliminate the fears consumers have surrounding meat and seafood and put it back on the table. Through education, inspiration and support, our partnership will help people enjoy nutritious proteins to support their healthy lifestyles.” - Jillian Michaels

By joining the Greensbury team, Michaels will guide consumers on the health benefits of incorporating organic animal products into a complete, well-rounded, healthy diet. Michaels has also curated exclusive Greensbury meal packs and recipes geared towards lean, post-workout eating.

“We only source products from farms and fisheries in the U.S. that employ organic agricultural practices and sustainable fishing methods adhering to USDA standards to help you and your family to live a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle.”  - Greensbury Market founder, Brad Harrison.

The United States now spends more than $1 billion a year on organic food imports, according to the USDA. Greensbury Market seeks to support American organic farms and fisheries in an effort to encourage organic agriculture and the conversion of conventional farming to organic farming, making organic and sustainable food both more accessible and affordable.


Greensbury Market brings fresh, organic meat and sustainable seafood from small American farms and fisheries straight to your door. One of our key missions at Greensbury Market is to provide our customers with healthy and nutritious meat and seafood without wasting natural resources or harming the planet.