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Healthy Salmon Recipes Even the Kids Will Love

Omega Oils are essential for creating healthy brains, making them even more important for growing children. Wild salmon is rich in essential fatty acids and contains protein, which helps build powerful muscles and healthy brains. However, knowing what to feed our children and convincing them to eat it can sometimes be two completely different things. These healthy wild salmon recipes will turn even the pickiest eater into a salmon lover. Be sure to choose wild-caught Alaskan salmon to ensure the healthiest and tastiest recipes. When buying fresh fish choose salmon that is firm, and moist (not dried out), fresh fish makes all the difference in your culinary experience.

Salmon Pizza 

This kid-friendly wild salmon pizza is always a crowd-pleaser. Use a ready-made crust or create it with this easy-to-make yeast-free pizza dough. Kids love to get involved in rolling out the dough and adding toppings.

Smoked Salmon Kebabs 

Use salmon in place of red meat on a traditional kebab or skewer recipe to sneak some fish into your child's diet. A meal served on a stick always proves to be a fun choice for even the most finicky kids. Consider the convenience of wild salmon delivery to guarantee a delicious grilling experience.

Salmon Fingers with Tangy Cream Cheese Sauce 

Kids love dipping their foods in sauces, and this tangy cream cheese sauce is one of the best. It's also made with no butter or oil, so it's slightly healthier than traditional recipes for cream cheese dip. Your kids will love it!

Crispy Oven 'Fried' Salmon

Healthier versions of traditional fried foods go a long way in encouraging kids to eat healthily. These wild salmon "fish sticks" are packed with high-quality omegas and rate high on the "can I have some more" list.

Glazed Salmon and Rice

Appeal to their sweet tooth with this quick and delicious glazed salmon recipe, packed with nutrition!


The health of our children is essential, and we know that adding wild-caught Alaskan sockeye salmon and sustainably caught Atlantic salmon to their diet is one way to ensure that they have a healthy, well-balanced diet that will add healthy fatty acids, protein, and essential vitamins to their growing bodies. Look for creative ways to add salmon recipes to your family table and turn even your pickiest eater into a salmon lover. Visit Greensbury's Nutrition Comparison Chart for more details. 


Kristina Marshall is a stay-at-home mom and blogger. After having kids, she began sharing some of her tips and tricks with people around her community. Now, she writes full articles on lifestyle, family, and home design to help people all over the internet.