Lily's Ladle bone broth from Greensbury.

Introducing Lily's Ladle Bone Broth

Meet Lily.  

Lily Scott started Lily's Ladle in 2016 with a simple goal: to make bone broth a staple in every person's diet.  Here at Greensbury, we've long known the health and wellness benefits of bone broths and we're thrilled to carry all three Lily's Ladle flavors: Beef Bone, Chicken Bone, and Veggie Mineral.

Read on to learn more about Lily's story and then head over to our website to order and join Lily in her pursuit of making bone broths a core part of everyone's diet!

Lily’s Ladle Beginnings:

So picture this, it’s a cold and snowy day in February 2016, and my 3 month old son has developed RSV--a rhino virus that attacked his respiratory system. He struggled to breathe and constantly coughed like a seal. There is no medicine and we were told to wait it out for 12 days; if he didn’t improve then he would be moved to the hospital and put him in an oxygen tent.

By the luck of the universe, a friend chose that moment to send me an article about bone broth. Among the many health benefits (high in protein, glucosamine chondroitin, collagen and amino acids) bone broth also promotes healthy mucus production--which my son was severely lacking. So I made a big pot full of grass fed beef bones, and I let it cook for a day. Then I put it in his baby bottle, and do you know what, he got better in a day and a half!!

I became a broth believer and started broth bombing my friends and family. Right there in my home kitchen Lily’s Ladle was born. 

Now, more than three years later, I've built my own commercial kitchen, and we sell 3 flavors of Bone Broth.  I have no plans of stopping until bone broth is a staple in every person’s diet.

I'm often asked why Lily's Ladle broths are frozen instead of in a box and on the shelves where I see other broths. The simple answer is because I don’t add any chemicals to my broths. In this way, they contain the highest amounts of protein of any Beef Bone Broth available (16.5 grams per cup!). Plus the amino acids that naturally heal your gut stay alive instead of dying under the High Heat Pasteurization used with the stuff in the boxes. My plant based Veggie Mineral Broth is delicious because it doesn’t have any citric acid to stabilize it for 2 years and give it that odd …tang.

Now you can buy my broths from Greensbury, and it’s like I made them for you at home. Whether you want Beef Bone Broth, Chicken Bone Broth, or Veggie Mineral Broth, you know we sourced the ingredients from grass fed beef, hormone free, antibiotic free, vegetarian raised chickens, and veggies grown locally and sustainably. The Veggie Mineral Broth is enhanced with Atlantic kelp from Maine, making it savory and high in iodine to support the endocrine system. I slow cook the broths for days to make them as nutrient dense as possible.

I will never use chemicals or additives in my products. Ever.

So I offer you the option to reach into your freezer and find a nutrient dense, delicious and convenient ingredient for a meal.


- Lily