Greensbury Organic Grass-Fed Beef

Know Your Meat

Organic meat has become a big business and everyone’s got a steak in it.

Does stocking up on beef branded with terms like 'free-range' make you any wiser about what you’re eating? It’s time we all got to know a bit more about our meat and food industry terms:


Grass-fed cattle are a fed a mixture of organic flax, alfalfa, and hay. Unfortunately, products labeled grass-fed may have still been injected with hormones and antibiotics. 

We suggest making sure what you're buying is also labeled antibiotic-free, hormone-free, and steroid-free.  All of our products are all-natural and animals are never administered synthetic hormones or antibiotics.

Organic Certified

The USDA is responsible for setting the standards of organic agriculture and require animals to be raised in environments accommodating their natural behaviors, such as the ability to graze on pasture. However the USDA does not require animals to be purely fed a diet of grass; they can be given corn, soy, and grain as well. We suggest buying products labeled both organic and grass-fed.

Antibiotic Free

Federal regulations have prohibited the use of growth hormones in raising pigs, veal calves, bison and poultry for years. The terms ‘hormone free’ on any of these meats is a creative marketing technique, but antibiotics aren't prohibited if meat isn't organic.

Sustainably Raised

This describes farming practices used to sustain and not damage our environment.

Sustainable farms are usually smaller and waste less water than regulations stipulated under the USDA. There’s no official regulatory board enforcing any sustainable regulations. 

Vegetarian Fed

Buying meat labeled ‘vegetarian fed’ ensures that you aren't eating meat that has been fed any animal by-products. 

Certified Humane:

These standards require that animals are given space to grow, shelter, and gentle handling to limit stress. Certified Humane guidelines require animals have fresh water and a healthy diet of quality feed, without added antibiotics or hormones.

To see how Greensbury's organic meat and sustainable seafood compares to others, visit our Nutrition Comparison Chart.