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Millennials’ Disruption of Food Purchasing

February 03, 2017

Millennials compare prices and goods online. The internet is where they shop and share, and if grocery stores don’t catch up then they’re expected to experience a steady revenue decline, according to a recent Gallup study.

What do millennials want when it comes to buying groceries? Efficiency, convenience, and competitive pricing. In urban areas, services such as FreshDirect and InstaCart speak to the young, professional millennials’ sensibility, offering wholesome products delivered to your door.

We think there is one large part of the market missing, and that’s the convenience of buying local, organic products from U.S. farms, ranches, and fisheries (something that can be done on FreshDirect and InstaCart, but not consistently and not with the level of transparency that we guarantee; it’s common these services list products as Made in US, but products are only PACKED in the US).

Millennials care about the products they purchase, the companies they’re supporting, and where their food is coming from. Buying truly U.S. grass-fed beef, organic meats, and sustainable seafood has never been easier than with Greensbury-- and we'll deliver it to your door in a cooler, with dry ice. Our customers don't even need to be home to receive their groceries! Products remain cold for the entire shipping day. Just be sure to place them in the freezer before the end of the day.

As consumers place more value on accessible shopping, we're eager to see how the grocery business responds. It's sure to be a wild and widely disrupted ride.

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