Our BIG Announcement: Quest Cutlery!

Our BIG Announcement: Quest Cutlery!

We are so excited to introduce the incredible Quest Cutlery collection! These knives are premium quality and low-priced. (We're letting you in on the secret!)

THE BEST NEWS: We’re giving away a FREE 8” Carver Knife with any purchase of $75 or more!

(Offer is valid through Sunday, 3/4/18. No promo code needed. Limit 1 per customer.)

The knives are made by Gunter Wilhelm - the highest quality knife-maker you’ve never heard of. Once we discovered these unique, high quality knives, we couldn't wait to share them with you.

Comparable knives are often priced at over $100 each. The Quest knives are available now at under $50 each on our website.

We’re one of only a few companies that carry Quest Cutlery. We only sell products of the utmost quality, and these knives fit right in.

Ted Hopper (Our CEO) uses Quest knives in his own “test kitchens” (at home with his family, and out at Greensbury’s Meat & Greet events). Ted says:

“If you've never worked with a premium quality knife, you'll be shocked at the difference. Not only is it safer to use, but it makes meal prep go so much faster. I've been cooking with Quest knives for several weeks. I'm proud we can now offer them to our customers at a great price."

Here’s why these knives are so great:

  • Each knife is made with steel that's optimized for sharpness and durability.

  • "Full tang" construction - solid metal runs from tip through handle!

  • Bolster design separates blade from handle for stability.

  • The knives have ideal ergonomics and balance.

Shop now to get your FREE 8” CARVER KNIFE with any purchase of $75 or more!

The best home cooks know that using the best quality knives makes meal preparation a lot easier.

Try Quest Cutlery! ...And tell us how it helps you Dine Well and Live Well.


Use the 8” Carver Knife to prepare our organic, grass fed steaks...

Or, use the Santoku Knife to prepare sustainably caught Alaskan salmon...

Or, use the Utility Knife on our organic, whole chicken…

There are endless uses for top-quality knives at extremely low prices!

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