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Over 82% of American households purchase organic

Most of us want to shop organic, and over 82% of American households are dedicated to buying organic foods, according to a study conducted by Nielsen and released by the Organic Trade Commission.

Beyond the Hill blog commented on the study in a recent article saying, "The March survey examined the spending habits of 100,000 households, showing a slight uptick in purchases of organic foods, with the strongest growth coming from North Dakota, with a 14.2 percent increase, and Rhode Island, with a 12.3 percent jump compared to 2015 levels."

As the percentage of households purchasing organic continues to increase year over year, Greensbury wants to make it easier for you to find, buy, and receive organic meats. We source our protein from family farms, ranches, and fisheries and deliver it to your home. 

Unfortunately, finding good quality, local organic meats is much harder than shopping for other organic items, like produce. Where are you shopping for your organic meat and wild fish? Protein is the most important piece on your plate. That's where we come in.