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Overcome Date Night Challenges with Protein Power

Whether you are in the midst of courting that “special someone” or keeping the fire alive with your longtime mate, Date Night can be a risky proposition.  If you nail the meal, the ambience, and emotional connection, you score loads of relationship points and the evening brings you closer together. However, you also risk bombing it and having all the effort for naught. 

We polled the experts (well, our staff) and came up with some of the most common obstacles to a successful Date Night and paired them with a solution to get a “win.”


Challenge 1: Getting Ingredients

package at doorEven before the long, dark nights of quarantine came rolling in, it was a challenge to find the right ingredients.  There is a reason for parodies of people standing in the produce section, while intently squeezing avocados and hoping for the best.  So, let's cut to the chase.  The most important part?  It’s the meat or seafood at the heart of the meal.  Rarely do people rave about how that was just the best darn asparagus they ever had.  They talk about the fall off the bones meat, the succulent seafood, and the “to die for” steak.

When it comes to proteins, you want to look for words like organic, grass-fed, free-range, wild-caught, and sustainable. So rather than sifting through the meat section at your local Piggly Wiggly, just buy from a place that ONLY offers those options. The best part? It is DELIVERED TO YOUR DOORSTEP. Seriously.  

Try this broiled Organic Grass Fed Filet Mignon with Lemon Herb Butter recipe that calls for just steak, butter, lemon and seasoning. This recipe includes asparagus, but you can add any favorite side or simple salad to complete the meal. Simplicity at it’s finest and focused around the choice beef.


Challenge 2: Not Having Enough Time

In an ideal world, we would all have a live-in chef that could marinade and slow cook a dinner for us all day.  However in the real-world, most of us will be rushing in from work, and frantically cooking like a competitor in a Top Chef challenge.  Getting ingredients delivered to your door (or even on subscription) will save you a shopping trip, but that food still has to get cooked.  So you need a recipe with minimal prep and cook time.  

pan seared steakGreensbury’s Pan Seared Marinated Organic Top Sirloin Steaks brings the taste of a high-end steakhouse to your dinner table with less than a half hour of prep and cook time.  Make the marinade the night before and your steaks will be ready to sear when you walk in the door. Round out the meal with a side of fresh vegetables and roasted potatoes for a romantic night or dress it down with some french fries for a pub-type dine-in. Beyond date night, this dish is sure to become a favorite in your household.


Challenge 3: No experience, “challenged”

lobsterThe next challenge is that you might be straight-up “challenged” when it comes to cooking. There are some meals that take masterful culinary skills to prepare.  However, there are others that if you follow the steps in the recipe, you CANNOT mess it up. If you fit into that category, let us make your day because lobster is actually easy to cook (shhh, don’t tell your date that). 

Put your fears aside and follow these directions for Two Quick and Easy Ways to Cook Lobster. Suitable for even the most inexperienced cook, this dish takes less than 12 minutes to cook and even less time to prepare.


Challenge 4: Boring, yawn-fest

Part of nailing date night is making it memorable.  A good way to do that is mix it up and make something they have never eaten before, or at least never had a significant other cook for them.  No one wants to serve a meal and be told that their "mom makes it better this way."  

So get out of your comfort zone and prepare something you wouldn’t normally make at home, haven’t tried, or eat infrequently. Greensbury’s Grilled Lamb Chops recipe is simpler to cook than you might expect. Greensbury’s antibiotic-free lamb chops promise a high quality, healthy meal you can make at home with 23 grams of protein and only 190 calories per serving. When your taste buds are craving more, you will wonder why you haven’t tried lamb chops before.


Bonus Round: Dessert

Make date night extra sweet with dessert. Made with fresh-picked apples by Elegant Farmer, Greensbury delivers this buttery, flaky crust apple pie made with fresh ingredients. It’s okay to put the diet aside for that special night, especially when eating an apple pie the Wall Street Journal touts as the “best pie in America.”

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