Greensbury price drop

From the kitchen of the CEO: We’re Lowering Prices - again

While Americans are seeing grocery price increases and reports of inflation affecting everything from the housing market to gas setting new record highs, we at Greensbury have some positive news to share. We’re able to continue lowering prices like we did on our organic free-range  chicken wings last month. And, as of June 1st, we REDUCED prices on the following additional products by 10%. 

In August, we reduced additional products and bundle prices:

In October, we reduced:


Greensbury’s Pricing Guarantee

Over the last 12-18 months we've had to raise prices in response to increases in labor, dry-ice, packaging and shipping. We’ve absorbed some of these costs, but as a small business, have some limitations. We’re trying to build a sustainable business here at Greensbury so that we can continue to provide our customers with quality meat and seafood delivered at their convenience. That means we’re always focused on our margins.  But we’re not using these fluctuations in market prices to artificially increase our margins at the expense of our valued customers.  In other words, whenever there are opportunities to lower our costs, we pass those savings on to you. 

We continue to believe that many of these price increases are temporary and remain committed to our promise that when our prices go down, we'll lower your prices. We did this in April when our costs on chicken wings went down and we're happy that we can do it again with the products listed above. 

It is possible that prices may increase on other items if our cost goes up, but we are still committed to lowering them again when costs go back down. 

Save with Packs and Subscriptions

Some other ways our customers can save include the built-in discounts for purchasing our packs or saving 5% on every order by setting up a recurring order. Subscriptions aren’t required and there is no long term commitment, so you can change your products or frequency at any time. We appreciate our customers and thank you for supporting us. If you have an idea or feedback for us, contact Greensbury.