Reconnect with family dinners

Reconnect with Family Dinners

Finding time to shop for and prepare a family dinner can be quite a challenge for most busy cooks. However, with Greensbury delivery and some simple, healthy recipes, you can easily create a family meal to be proud of. 

Thinking back to my childhood, some of my favorite memories are sitting around the table at dinnertime with my parents and siblings. As a working mom, I try to provide family meal time for my kids as well, but it is a struggle. Greensbury offers organic beef, free range poultry, and sustainable seafood delivered right to your door. This is a lifesaver for active families! With high quality proteins that are certified organic, I can rest assured that my kids are only eating the best.    

Most busy parents don’t want to spend an entire afternoon chained to the stove cooking dinner. Or perhaps now that you have more time at home you want to try that gourmet meal you never had time to make.  Regardless of your cooking experience, Greensbury has compiled some delicious, family friendly recipes that are sure to please even the pickiest of eaters. Best of all, your meat or seafood is conveniently ordered right from your phone or laptop and arrives at your doorstep.


The Quick and Easy Dinner: The less work, the better

coffee rubbed beef roastIf finding time to cook dinner is your biggest struggle you’re probably looking for a quick, easy recipe. Meals that require a short preparation and a long, slow cook time are always a hit with my family.  This Coffee Rubbed Roast Beef Recipe uses Greensbury’s grass-fed chuck roast cooked low and slow in the oven. Pair with your favorite vegetable or salad and dinner is served. Another delectable, easy dinner we recommend is the Bacon-Wrapped Pork Roast with Peach Sauce.  I mean you can’t really go wrong with bacon, can you? The bacon adds even more juiciness and flavor to the pork roast. Using Greensbury’s organic boneless pork loin roast and organic applewood smoked bacon, you know that you’re using the finest meats.

Using a slow cooker, you can do a quick prep in the morning and let dinner cook itself all day. Coming home to the smell of a delicious, healthy, already cooked dinner is probably the best greeting after a long day of work. These gourmet tasting, yet easy slow cooker recipes are sure to become part of your weekly meal plan.  And while short preparation time is great, quick clean up is equally wonderful. These 5 easy one pan dinner recipes are fast, delicious, and easy to clean up after.   



The Try Something New Dinner: A little more work, but so worth it

meatballsYou’re making a meal that calls for meatballs, but are looking for a healthier option than frozen meatballs. Making your own organic grass fed meatballs takes a little more effort, but pays off in flavor and health benefits. Pair it with your favorite sauce and pasta and your family will love it.

If want to keep the mess outside, you can’t beat firing up the grill for a tasty family dinner. This Baby Back Pork Ribs recipe was created by chef Scott Leibfried and the ribs come out  so moist and tender they will become a requested family favorite.    

In the mood for ham, but not the hassle of cooking a whole ham?  Using a Greensbury boneless pork loin roast is equally delicious, healthier, and much easier.  Juicy and flavorful, this recipe for a cider-brined, mustard-glazed pork loin is perfect for a weekend dinner with the whole family.


Get the whole family involved

Kid helping set the tableIf you have kids, they probably love to help in the kitchen.  Most of these recipes that we’ve put together have jobs that even younger helpers can assist with.  Sometimes those little helpers can make things more difficult so finding other ways that they can help prepare a family dinner is important to keep them from being underfoot.  Setting the table is something my girls really enjoy doing.  Making a centerpiece is another way that even the smallest of helpers can participate.   

Bringing back family meal time has never been easier with Greensbury’s organic meats delivered to your door.  Whether you’re keeping it simple or trying something new, your family will love reconnecting and enjoying a delicious meal together.  Consider trying Greensbury’s specialty packs that provide you multiple types and cuts of organic meat and sustainable seafood.  You can even save 5% when you subscribe to have your favorites delivered regularly.  


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