Restaurant Quality Seafood Recipes

Restaurant Quality Seafood Recipes

At Greensbury, we’ve taken great care to acquire wild and sustainably caught seafood from local fisheries delivered to your door. We understand our customers are similarly selective in deciding where to purchase the quality food they choose to feed their families and guests. We offer selections of wild finfish and shellfish sourced from fisheries in Maine and the Florida Keys, and wild caught Alaskan sockeye salmon. As we gear up for warmer weather, we’re sharing our customers’ 5 most requested seafood recipes. 

Americans are eating more fish but falling short of USDA recommendations

Americans are consuming more fish now than they have in more than a decade. The February 2020 report released by the NOAA Fisheries saw consumption of seafood rise to 16.1 pounds per person. However, even though fish consumption is up, it still falls short of the USDA recommendation that adults eat two four-ounce servings of seafood each week. The USDA expands those guidelines to recommend that pregnant and breastfeeding women eat 8-12 ounces of fish per week. If Americans followed the suggested USDA recommendations, they’d be eating around 26 pounds of seafood per year.

Seafood is a great source of Vitamin D and B12, iron and heart healthy Omega-3 fats (DHA and EPA) and adding more seafood to your diet can have a positive impact on your overall health. So why do people shy away from preparing seafood? Some people find seafood intimidating to prepare or quite frankly bland to the taste, but we’ve pulled together some of our reader’s favorite simple and delicious recipes to add a little more fish and flavor to everyone’s diet.    

Recipe One: Two Quick and Easy Ways to Prepare Lobster Tails in less than 10 minutes

lobster tailsPeople are often intimidated by the idea of cooking lobster at home. However, if you can boil water, you can cook lobster. This lobster recipe describes ways to either steam or pan sear the lobster tails. Serve with some melted butter and voila! 

Recipe Two: Beer Battered Fish and Chips with Tartar Sauce

Fish and ChipsCreate a traditional beer battered fish and chips feast with this recipe from CEO Ted Hopper using Greensbury Wild Caught Cod topped with a homemade tartar sauce and his own “chips” recipe made with russet potatoes. This recipe requires a bit more prep work for the breading, but if you’ve never made beer battered fish, your senses are in for a treat. You can also try a variation of this in your air fryer. Check out this recent blog for easy cooking hacks for better nutrition for some air fryer tips. 

Recipe Three: Spicy Cajun Salmon

Cajun SalmonSpice up your cooking with this flavorful Spicy Cajun Salmon. Grab your choice of fresh Atlantic salmon from the Faroe Islands or Alaskan sockeye salmon and challenge anyone who claims fish is bland or boring. This recipe includes the cajun seasoning, broccoli florets and homemade dirty rice. 

If you don't like spicy or your kids turn their heads at anything with a kick, try this 15 minute easy salmon recipe.

Recipe Four: Wild Atlantic Sea Scallops

scallopsWhen you’re really in a pinch for time, or just want something healthy and simple, try wild Atlantic sea scallops. Heat up oil in a pan, season the scallops with some Old Bay or your favorite seasoning and then sear for about two minutes on each side for the beautiful golden brown color. Serve with our Mediterranean marinade recipe or as is with a light salad.





Recipe Five: How to cook salmon on a salt block

salmon on salt blockHave you tried to cook on a Himalayan salt block before? Cooking on a Himalayan salt block enhances the flavors of food and is a rich source of trace minerals. For this recipe using Fresh Atlantic Salmon, you simply preheat the salt block and cook the salmon for 4-5 minutes on each side. See the full recipe here

What are your goto seafood recipes? Drop us a line. We'd love to hear from you


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