Platter of avocado, peaches, shrimp, and tomatoes

September Whole30 Meal Ideas

By Kimberly Smith, Food Family Wine

When I get ready to do a Whole30, I find it helpful to do some planning and meal prep.  I am a big fan of making extra portions that I can either reheat easily, or use the extra protein to make a second meal. This helps me save time during the week so even on a busy day, I can get a healthy and delicious meal on the table and stay on track with my Whole30 rules. For more info on whole30 diet restrictions, visit Greensbury's Diet Comparison Chart. Here are some great ideas that I hope you find useful whether you are doing a Whole30 or not.

Shrimp 2 Ways:

Whole30 Approved cilantro pesto shrimp

Use Leftovers for:


Whole30 Approved Italian sausage and Brussels sprouts

Use Leftovers for:


Ground Beef 2 Ways:

Use Leftovers for:

Whole30 Approved roasted red pepper and organic grass fed ground beef chili


Chicken Breasts 2 Ways:

Use Leftovers for: 

Whole30 Approved Waldorf organic chicken salad


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Kimberly Smith is a Certified Whole30 coach from Central California. She grew up cooking with her family and enjoyed learning how to home garden from her grandparents.Food and wine have always been the center of her family gatherings. Always casual. Always fresh. Always homemade.Kimberly helps her Whole30 clients learn how to get delicious meals on their tables to keep healthy eating sustainable. You can find Kimberly online on Instagram @foodfamilywine and on her website