Step Up Your Grilling Game

Step Up Your Grilling Game with 5 Recipes and Techniques to Try

Wipe off that grill and prepare to impress with some mouth-watering grilling recipes made with organic high quality meats!

Did you know that even though the number of people on the planet has doubled over the last 50 years, the amount of meat consumed has tripled. Greensbury prides themselves in offering American raised and harvested organic meats. If you want to grill a flavorful palette, then you need to start with choice proteins. Step up your grilling game with better products, different marinades or rubs, and by trying a variety of beef, poultry, seafood, lamb and even bison in ways you haven’t thought of before. In no time at all, people will be coming to you for the recipes!


1. Bone Broth BBQ sauce

bbq sauce recipeStart off with a great base. Cooking meat to perfection is certainly one part of the equation, but marinating and topping your dish takes it to the next level. With Greensbury's BBQ Sauce Made with Bone Broth you will add that boost of flavor to your grilling. This sauce combines the salty taste of bacon, sweet maple syrup and some spicy mustard to give it a kick. What a difference this sauce will have on your next batch of chicken or ribs!  

Another thing that gives this particular recipe its flavor, is that it’s made from Greensbury’s own organic grass-fed beef bones, and Lily's chicken or vegetable broth. Don’t forget to make a double batch and save the BBQ sauce for another day when you need a quick marinade. Boom! You have a great meal today and you’ve prepped for the next!

2. Coffee Rubbed Bison

cofee rubbed bisonUp your ante with our Coffee Rubbed Bison Recipe.  Coffee and meat?  Yes, what exemplifies comfort food better than the smell of coffee and the smokey aromas of the grill. Now, let’s take our novice griller out of their comfort zone by combining a new meat and unique rub for flavor.  The coffee will add depth and highlight the taste of the meat without overpowering its natural flavor.  

Start with one of Greensbury’s favorite bison cuts for grilling, grass-fed ribeye steak. This cut of meat allows for some marbling to keep it from drying out. On its own bison is extremely tender. Add in the coffee rub, and this slab will ooze with flavor.  

Not quite ready to try it with bison but still want to get that rich dry rub flavor? Pair the rub with other traditional Greensbury organic cuts of meat including chicken wings, pork chops, or ribeye steak. Serve with mashed potatoes and green beans, or any of your favorite sides, to complete the meal.


3. Chicken Beer Brine & Chicken Wings

Grilled ChickenUse this recipe when you have a little extra time to prep your meal and take it from dry and chewy, to moist and mouthwatering.  What’s a brine anyway?  Brine is simply a salted water mixture that adds flavor and moisture to most white meat proteins. The less fat a meat has, the less moisture it has to contribute to the flavor and therefore dries it out quickly.  Ideally, brine your meat for at least 24 hours to help get it nice and juicy.  

In the mood for a nice family dinner?  Use our chicken beer brine recipe with an organic, free-range whole chicken (make sure you allot 2 hours of cook time).  The tender whole chicken will rival your Thanksgiving turkey.  Dress this up with some fancy sides like asparagus and scalloped potatoes.  Dress it down for a home cooked feel with some gourmet mac and cheese and broccoli.

Having the gang over for a game or need to bring a top-notch protein to a tailgate? Use the recipe with organic free-range chicken wings. The full, moist flavor delivered from brined chicken wings will be the hit of the gathering. Another bonus to the chicken wings is that you can experiment with different types of beer to make the recipe uniquely yours.  Chef Scott Leibfried recommends pilsners or ales, however, adding a favorite beer of your liking creates another dimension of flavor particular to you.

4. Pork Baby Back Ribs

For this recipe gather friends and family around for fun and games while organic baby back ribs slow cook in the background. However, once they are served they will take on the spotlight front and center! This recipe is another home run with an easy prep meat that will leave you with more time to socialize than fussing with the grill. Sweet and succulent, this recipe contains easy instructions and some helpful hints.  Did you know that you can use a moisture pot in your grill? This will help create steam during its extended cook time keeping your ribs juicy rather than dried out. Take it to the next level by trying different liquids to offer a variety of tastes. Pair this meal with some cornbread, beans, and fresh vegetables.

5. BBQ Grass-Fed Steak Sliders

A grill master’s job isn’t complete without an over the top burger recipe.  Using our steak  chef Coby Farrow delivers a big punch in a little slider. These non-traditional sliders feature a quality skirt steak trimmed of fat, seasoned with a wet rub and finally cooked to perfection on a hot coal or gas grill. The rub will take about 30-45 minutes to permeate the meat before cooking so make sure to factor that into your prep time.  Your family or guests will be blown away by the savory slider.  Make sure to have some special accompaniments such as tomatoes, pickles, lettuce, and  cheese.  Smoked gouda is an excellent recommendation.  No matter what topping you add to this slider, be ready to receive the Grill Master title when serving this BBQ steak slider!

Whether you are a Greensbury customer for years or this is your first time reading about our products, know that you are dining well on quality organic products.  Our focus is simple, we strive to produce the best meats and seafood possible! Home cooked meals you are proud of has never been easier with Greensbury’s organic meats delivered to your door.  Try us today!


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