Thanksgiving roast turkey

The Best Turkeys are Flash Frozen


With Thanksgiving on the horizon we want to shed some light on fresh versus frozen and why labels are misleading.

According to the USDA, a fresh turkey is one that hasn't been taken under 26 degrees Fahrenheit by a food processor. Sounds pretty good, right? Unfortunately, the majority of turkeys labeled as "fresh" are processed 9 weeks prior to Thanksgiving. That refrigerated turkey you see at your local grocer has been thawed to feel fresh. Fresh turkeys are available, but to find one you’ll need to head to a local family farm and make sure that you eat the turkey between 24 hours and 7 days after kill.

The informed Thanksgiving host knows that the best bet for high quality and amazing flavor is to buy a flash-frozen turkey Flash freezing reduces moisture loss and inhibits purge, which is why premium slaughterhouses use this practice. 

At Greensbury, we only work with local farms who then send their product to a premium slaughterhouse experienced in flash freezing. We're here to help you eat your way to the best Thanksgiving yet. 

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