Greensbury Organic, Grass-Fed Beef

The world of premium steaks

If you could pick one steak to eat for dinner tonight what would it be? In the world of high-end steak purchasing, it’s not all about Kobe beef. Take a look at the steak movement as it shifts and grows to new markets and customers and ranchers alike are paying mind to heritage breeds, fair practices, and sustainability.

Steaks directly from the farm:

This is the Greensbury way. We work with family farms in North and South Dakota to provide the best in ethically sourced, delicious grass-fed steaks.

The investment steak:

The desirable waygu.

The destination steak:

Did you know there are olive-fed cows in Japan? Japan produces a lot of olive oil &  ranchers use the pressed olives in livestock feed. Travel to Japan and explore this luxury option.

The vintage steak:

Such as a steak from rancher Anya Fernland. She has approximately 2,500 cows, which graze on 20,000 acres of California pasture.

The stylish steak:

Ralph Lauren steak; $200 for 44oz bone-in ribeye; from Ralph Lauren’s 17,000-acre Colorado Ranch.

The dramatic steak:

A Flintstone-like Tomahawk steak from Snake River Farms. This is a big cut of meat attached to a long bone that looks prehistoric. 

Want to try a great steak? Shop our grass-fed beef and get working on sampling this list of meat-eater fan favorites.