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You Are What You (M)eat

September 09, 2016

Almost all U.S. cattle are given hormone implants to promote faster growth and convert their food into muscle more efficiently to make their meat leaner. On conventional farms, cattle are given six different anabolic steroids including estradiol, testosterone, progesterone and synthetic hormones, zeranol, androgen trenbolone acetate and progestin melengestrol acetate.

Digging into a chicken breast from a conventional farm where the chicken has been injected with six different growth hormones? Your health could be in danger.

In 1989, the European Union implemented a ban on imports of meat and meat products from animals treated with growth hormones; these same hormones remain approved for use and administered in the U.S.

We suggest to take a closer look at the label on the meat you’re buying next time you’re at the local butcher or ordering meat online. Look for terms such as ‘antibiotic and hormone free’ or ‘organic’ to make sure that what you’re feeding yourself and your family isn’t going to cause you health problems in the future.

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