Whit Whit Fund group picture.

You Gotta Believe!

One of the great things about working at Greensbury is all the amazing people I get to meet.  I recently had the pleasure of getting to know Tracy Posillico, founder of WhitsWay.org and the Whit Whit Fund.  Tracy was an existing Greensbury customer and one day while reading through customer feedback, I came across a note from her and was struck by some of her comments.  I reached out to her to learn more and that's when she told me her story and all the incredible work she is doing.

Tracy Posillico, founder of WhitsWay.org

Tracy turned to food and wellness when her daughter, Whitney, was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive cancer at the age of 6-weeks. Whitney and her family stayed strong throughout Whitney's year-long chemotherapy therapies with beautiful meals and holistic healing.  They researched and participated in many forms of alternative therapies such as organic eating, acupuncture, energy work and praying.  More than anything, Tracy and her family learned how to take care of their bodies.

Unfortunately, Whitney passed shortly after her first birthday but her life made a tremendous impact on the world as the Posillicos turned to helping others.  While Whitney was undergoing treatment, Tracy and her husband were outraged that very little research was done for pediatrics cancer and that the treatments prescribed were old and ineffective.  They knew that they had to be the change. So they set out to make a difference and they raised over $173,000 for St. Baldrick's in ten days while Whitney was alive.

When Whitney lost her battle with cancer, the Posillicos decided to start the "Whit Whit Fund" at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center where doctors were researching solid tumors in pediatric cancers. Every year since, the Whit Whit Fund has hosted the Whit Whit Walk in Long Island, NY to raise funds and awareness.  In addition, each year the Whit Whit Walk honors a pediatric cancer survivor. Over the past 7 years the Whit Whit Fund has raised a total of $1 MILLION dollars for pediatric cancer research. 

Tracy Posillico and her familyOne example of how the Whit Whit Fund is making a difference is by funding research that is currently in trials exploring blood-based biopsies to replace the more invasive surgical biopsies done today--and which are particularly difficult for children.  The Whit Whit Fund is also funding research seeking cures for solid tumors and that is currently in testing on mice.  Tracy personally meets with the research teams on a regular basis to stay abreast of their developments and to ensure the Whit Whit Fund's contribution are being put to good use. 

As if that isn't enough, Tracy is a wife and mother of five children and frequently shares her recipes and healthy lifestyle tips and tricks on the WhitsWay.org blog and on Instagram.  


So subscribe to her blog, follow her on social and let her inspire you the way she has inspired me.