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Antibiotic Free Pork & Lamb

USDA Organic Hand Selected

USDA Organic Hormone Free

USDA Organic Non GMO

Made in USA Made in USA

Our ABF pork is raised in Pennsylvania by family farmers who are committed to raising animals ethically and treating the environment with care. The hogs are never administered antibiotics, fed an all-vegetarian diet, free to roam, and raised without growth hormones.

Our ABF lamb is from the Genesee Valley of New York, our third-generation sheep farmers are committed to eco-friendly farming principles of crop rotation and organic fertilization. Spanning 1,200 acres of pasture, the flock are free roaming and eat an all-vegetarian diet. The lambs are free from antibiotics and growth hormones. They are hand-trimmed and individually flash-frozen to ensure quality and naturality.