Our Commitment To You

Your Health is Our Top Priority

At Greensbury, two of our core values are health and family.  We know that nothing is more important to you.  That's why we won't put something in our catalog that we won't serve at our own table.

But in these times of growing concern, we know you're concerned with more than just the sourcing criteria for our products so I want to share with you a little bit more about how we get our products to you.

Food safety is always our top concern and our processing facility is Safe Quality Food (SQF) Level 3 certified--the highest level of food safety certification.  All of our proteins are vacuum sealed and flash frozen with minimal human contact.  Everything is packed and shipped in a single facility and then delivered directly to you.

According to experts at the CDC, FDA and WHO there is absolutely no evidence of food, food containers or food packaging being associated with transmission of the coronavirus.  But that doesn't mean we're taking anything for granted so in addition to all of our industry best safety protocols, we're implemented the following additional practices:

  • Daily equipment and production room break-downs for complete and extensive cleaning, scrubbing and sanitizing;
  • Upon entering the facility, temperature checks administered by a trained professional with medical-grade IR thermometer;
  • All staff are issued and required to wear PPE including surgical-grade masks, disposable nitrile gloves, face-shields and disposable aprons with sleeves;
  • All staff are receiving ongoing continuous training on virus mitigation steps and constant hand-washing and sanitizing;
  • Implementation of physical separation devices and signage to help insure proper social distancing;
  • Additional professionals dedicated to monitoring social distancing;
  • Additional covered outdoor seating for lunches and break periods;
  • EPA approved anti-viral mitigation applied daily to production and office areas;
  • Daily virus briefings from, and communications with, Federal, State and Local health authorities.  Regulatory updates from the USDA/FSIS, FDA, CDC and DHS are reviewed and discussed each morning;

Our fulfillment and shipping area is also reconfigured to increase social distance and limit to the absolute minimum the number of staff who handle your order as we get it shipped out to you.

During this period of quarantining due to the novel coronavirus, here are a few other things we want you to know:

  • UPS is not guaranteeing delivery times for any level of service. While most of their shipments are delivered on time, we are including additional blocks of dry ice in orders in the case of delays. We have also modified our shipping schedule to allow one more day in transit than usual;
  • We eliminated our branded retail packaging for some products. The reason for this is two-fold: it allows us to restock inventory more quickly and it reduces post-consumer waste.  But don't worry, this has no impact on product quality or how long you can keep products in your freezer;
  • Because of the increase in demand, our handling time will be extended for some orders. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide a definite date of delivery, but most orders will be delivered within 1 week.
  • We increased our minimum order size to $100.  Believe it or not, smaller orders slow down our fulfillment line.  With slightly larger minimum orders, we can get more orders out the door each day and get your order to you even faster!

We are committed to those industry best food safety processes no matter what is going on in the world around us, and we will continue to ensure the safety and quality of the products we ship to you.

We wish you and your family good health and hope that our foods can be a small part of helping you find comfort and normalcy during these quickly changing times.

Thank you for choosing Greensbury, we're grateful for the trust you've put in us.