How to Cook Meat

High quality, lean proteins like 100% grass-fed beef, organic pasture-fed chicken and organic pork are lower in fat and higher in protein than conventional proteins so ideal cooking times and temps might be less than what you’re used to. For best results, cook to internal temperatures rather than specific times. If you don’t have a meat thermometer, they’re inexpensive and worth having–we won’t cook without one. Here’s what we recommend for Greensbury products.

Cook Greensbury ground beef to 160 degrees F.

Ground Beef

Beef Steaks & Roasts

Cook Greensbury steaks and roasts to 129 degrees F for medium rare.
Cook Greensbury free-range poultry to 165° F



Cook Greensbury finfish to 145°F.



Cook Greensbury shellfish to 145°F.

For more information download our Cooking Tips Guide