What are the Health Benefits?

We know you want to put food on your plate that's the healthiest choice for your entire family. Otherwise you'd just stick a Big Mac on there and call it a day.

By choosing to buy fresh organic food that is locally sourced, you're giving yourself and your family meals that are free from the chemicals and hormones other food is filled with. You're now free to dig into your meat and seafood, safe in the knowledge that you're about to enjoy a healthy, clean, fresh meal directly from an organic farm to your kitchen.

Lowering Your Pesticide Intake

Many pesticides are approved by the EPA. The only problem is… this was done long before research was carried out linking the chemicals in pesticides to cancer and other diseases that we could really do without. Synthetic pesticides are pretty poisonous. They're made that way to kill the pests on farms. So choosing to buy organic food means choosing to buy food that will lower your pesticide intake hugely, preventing you and your family from diseases that could kill you.

Keeping Your Heart Healthy

The lucky cows, who live on organic farms, get to take their time grazing on grass for as long as they please. The more time they graze, the more CLA, a heart-healthy fatty acid, is found in animal products boosting cardiovascular protection.

Keeping Your Immune System Strong

The thing about Genetically Modified Food is that it supersizes regular sized food. Now while that might be pretty cool, our immune systems disagree. GMO's reduce the strength of our immune system making it difficult to fight off infections and research shows that it even increases birth mortality, cancers and sensitivity to allergens.

Getting Your Nutrients In

Animals raised on organic farms have far higher levels of nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. This is because the water is cleaner, the soil is naturally fertilized and the animals aren't stuffed with chemicals. See Nutrition Comparison Chart for more info. 

Leaving Out the Hormones & Antibiotics

Conventional farmers use growth hormones, antibiotics, feed supplements and high-grain diets to fatten their animals up fast. This leaves the cows with serious health problems which mean even more antibiotics. This leaves the poor cows with serious health problems which means, yep you guessed it, even more antibiotics! A healthier animal without the hormones, antibiotics and all the other stuff forced into them by their conventional farmers, produce far healthier meat, milk and eggs.

Releasing the Flavor

Studies tell us (and so do our mouths) that organic meat and seafood have higher levels of flavor-enhancing nutrients leaving our taste buds tantalized and our salivary glands, well... salivating.