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Sustainable Seafood

Why sustainable seafood?

Sustainable fishing means seafood that is caught or farmed using techniques that preserve the ocean's health instead of harming it.

The ocean is home to millions of tasty fish that future generations should be able to enjoy just as much as we do.

Non-sustainable vs sustainable

Non-Sustainable Fishing

  • A lot of the fish available today in the United States are imported, often from places where health and environmental standards for growing or catching fish are low.

  • Many popular fisheries have been using methods to catch or farm their fish that can hurt habitats and other wildlife and drain the ocean of it's resources.

  • Traps, bottom trawling and dredging methods of catching fish cause serious damage to habitat and totally wipe out several species on the seafloor.

  • Thousands and thousands of animals that live in the sea including dolphins, turtles and fish are thrown back into the sea, dead, after they have been accidentally caught as bycatch.

  • Many popular wild fish contain substances like mercury or PCBs that are damaging to your health.

  • Overfishing depletes our oceans of their habitat. When there aren't enough larger fish to catch, fisherman move onto catching smaller fish. Expect the smaller fish are food for other fish. This can have a big and lasting effect on the entire ecosystem.

Sustainable Fishing

  • Sustainable fishing techniques like long-line, handline, troll, jig or speargun fishing have little impact on the ocean's habitat and ecosystem.

  • These fishing methods have very low levels of bycatch.

  • Sustainable fisheries maintain a high level of sustainable practices to maintain the natural ecosystem of the ocean for future generations to maintain and enjoy its resources.