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  • You don’t have to go straight to the farm to get healthy and fresh beef, poultry, pork, lamb or bison. We do that for you.

    We work exclusively with farmers who let their animals roam free on grassy pastures. They refuse to let hormones and antibiotics near their animals, or allow toxic chemicals to seep into their soil. They feed their livestock with the healthiest organic food and grass available.

    We've done the research and enforce our high standards so you can be confident of the quality of each selection in your Greensbury box delivery. Just relax, look up some recipes, and enjoy a top-notch meal.
  • Cows

    Real beef is what’s for dinner.

    Greensbury's organic cattle are raised on certified organic farms around the U.S., most notably Nebraska, South Dakota and North Dakota. These are specialty organic farms managed by families and farmers who oversee the entire process and ensure the integrity of their organic products.

    Cattle are grass-fed and, more importantly, grass-finished. That means they’ve never been supplemented with grain. They’re approved by and harvested at USDA locations close to where they were raised.

    After harvesting, organic primals are brought to our partner's USDA organic certified, SQF-Level 3 processing facility. There they’re hand trimmed, portioned, and vacuum sealed for utmost freshness and quality.
  • Chickens

    Inherently lean and healthy meat should never be tarnished with substandard farming practices.

    We source our chickens from Shenandoah Valley Organic—the first major organic poultry company in Virginia. It was founded with the sole intent to humanely raise and provide the highest quality, organic, free-range chickens.

    Farmers at Shenandoah Valley Organic feed their chickens an all-vegetable diet of corn, soy, vitamins, and minerals. They're never fed synthetic herbicides, pesticides, GMO's, gluten, or animal by-products.

    USDA Approved and Certified Humane, these chickens aren’t debeaked after birth. They live in a low-stress environment with constant access to shelter, food, and water.
  • Turkeys

    Turkeys are meant for more than your annual Thanksgiving feast. They’re worth savoring all year long.

    Koch's Turkey Farm is a true family farm that values the traditional standards of their Pennsylvania Dutch Heritage. This results in a stress-free life for their turkeys. They’re free to leisurely graze on pasture and never administered antibiotics or hormones.

    Their all-vegetarian diet of 100% organic feed and forage contains corn, soy, vitamins, and minerals. They’ve never once been fed synthetic herbicides, pesticides, GMO's, gluten, or animal by-products. And that’s exactly why they are so juicy and tender.
  • Pigs

    Pigs aren’t filthy—but the way some are raised indicates otherwise.

    Clemens Food Group partners with a network of over 100 family farms in Pennsylvania—Country View Family Farms—to raise pigs through traditional, sustainable farming methods. The farms are united by their common values, ensuring pigs are raised ethically and through respect of animals and the environment.

    These pigs are fed a 100% vegetarian diet of corn, soybean meal, vitamins, and minerals. No antibiotics or growth hormones are ever administered to the pigs on the farm, and they are never fed animal by-products. This pork is pristine.