Plastic Cutting Mat Set

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    We love cooking with kids in the Greensbury Test Kitchen, but sometimes they're not always as aware of the risks of cross-contamination.  And let's face it, most adults in our kitchen aren't either.

    These multi-colored mats are perfect if you've got extra cooks in the kitchen and you can't keep an eye on all of them.  The different colors and icons on each mat make it easy for everyone to work clean and safe in your kitchen!


    • TOUGH ENOUGH FOR THE SHARPEST KNIVES - Flexible, foldable cutting boards are made with a specific blend of plastic formulated to outlast anything in your kitchen. Each mat has a mesh grip back that won't slip. Very useful for cutting fruits to make juice. These mats wipe clean in a jiffy and retain their bright beautiful colors. The cutting board set will withstand the hardest cutting or chopping from your sharpest knife.
    • AVOID CROSS CONTAMINATION - Colored thermoplastic material will aid in keeping your family safe from bacteria as poly propylene has antibacterial properties. The icons will help you use the right cutting board for raw fish, beef, chicken, or vegetables AND the board itself will help you get rid of bacteria. You will not have to worry about cracks or breaks since it is not made out of glass.
    • SET OF 4 LARGE FLEXIBLE MATS (15" x 12" / 38.1cm x 30.5cm) - Each mat has a special icon showing which one to use for fish, beef, chicken and produce. Don't settle for small or medium sized pads / boards. These long cutting mats are an excellent personalized gift for the chef in the family. The colorful designs will be sure to impress. The kit will really help anyone get into the groove of cooking!
    • SAFE NON-SLIP GRIP & EASY TO STORE - Each mat is BPA Free and has a non-slip textured waffle backing which prevents slipping and sliding so you don't cut yourself. These mats can lay flat, stand up, or you can roll them up and use your drawer as a storage space for them. They are also heat resistant and dishwasher safe.
    • FULL MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY AND 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - We are sure you will love your new set of 4 cutting mats! If you're not 100% satisfied, don't hesitate to the manufacturer, Zulay Kitchen. As a family owned company they care that every single one of our customers are happy and are always looking to do better. You have nothing to lose! Get your new set of mats today.

    Publisher: Zulay Kitchen