Oven Mitts With Soft Inner Lining (1 pair)

$20.97 $21.97


    These are not your grandmother's oven mitts.  Not only are they heat resistant up to nearly 500 degrees but they're also waterproof so you can wear them when handling pots of boiling water.  The soft inner lining also makes them comfortable to wear--unlike other silicone oven mitts.

    Bonus pro-tip: they're great for opening stubborn jars!


    • SOFT & EASILY MOVEABLE - Silicone outer is 100% FDA Approved Silicone, making it safe for you and your family. Lifted pattern allows for great grip.
    • COMFORTABLE QUILTED INNER LINER - Inner Liner, inside 50% cotton, 50% polyester; outside black part 100% silicone.
    • HEAT RESISTANT & WATERPROOF - Heat Resistant oven mitts up to 482 F/ 250C. Silicone part is waterproof - no hot water burns or steam burns.
    • LONG LENGTH & CONVENIENT - Long oven mitts to cover your arms - no burns off the racks . Can be used for basting on the barbecue - no heat burn. Fits comfortably on male and female hands. Loops to hang or put in a drawer.
    • Simply wash with warm soapy water, dry, and put away or hang them up using the conveniently attached loop.
    • Manufacturer's 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    Manufacturer: Frux Home and Yard